Sunday, April 2, 2017

97 Followers and 4,407 Pins

Another week has just passed and it passed to fast anyway was able to get ten more followers, yeah the amount of them is still to damn low but I still believe that someday I'll get at least 1,000 of them just hope that it won't take me some more years, have started to upload more Pins than before cause used to upload at least 300 Pins per week and this week have uploaded 444 of them, expect to upload a higher quantity this next week.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

79 Followers and 3,522 Pins

Today I have re uploaded one of the sets of this beauty that where part of my Pins at my last account, in case you don't know who is she well allow me to say that you might be gay or you must be gay, I mean come on everybody have to know Jordan Carver anyway when I was uploading this image I saw that it was re pinned 168 times so am sure that am not the only one that lover attributes.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

75 Followers and 3,004 Pins

 Am right now at lazy mod which means that I practically don't want to do nothing, crap can't believe what am saying but haven't uploaded anything today into my Pinterest account and now that I've mentioned it since last Saturday have only earned five more followers but what have done is reached the 3,000 Pins, not the big deal but am uploading more stuff than at my first and second account, will try to continue this way, maybe am not going to be able to recover all my followers but I do plan to get and overpass the amount of Pins that I used to have before.